• efish:

    [ˈē-ˌfish] noun;

    the most comprehensive multi-unit restaurant management solution to date, features 'efish'ient tools & intelligence, using your unique decision making metrics, for day to day accountability

  • "30 years in the restaurant industry and I have never seen anything as comprehensive as this."

    -Former Yum Brand Executive

  • "This is the most advanced and synchronized solution for the restaurant industry yet. "

    -Internet of Things Start Up Investment Firm

  • "This is what every one of the brands we have invested in need."

    -VP of Wall Street Restaurant Capital Services Firm

  • "You just showed me what I have spent the past 20 years trying to build and you are delivering it at a fraction of what I have spent (trying)."

    -CFO of a top-five QSR chain

  • "The value of the platform is crazy. Have you added up what scheduling,
    inventory, above store reporting, accounting integration and integrating
    multiple POS systems cost? You've priced this too low."

    -25 year restaurant Consultant

  • "Finally, what every restaurant operator needs. People won't even know this is possible."

    -Robert Powell, President, NUQUE

  • "We have four different POS systems through acquistion and had to merge three different accounting databases to have a singular way to operate and account for our business. No one could have done what efish has done and continues to do for us."

    -Jeff Peterson, Bread & Butter Concepts

  • "What you pay compared to what you get makes it a serious no brainer."

    -20 Year Internatinal Restaurant Consultant

  • "This is an absolute industry game changer."

    -Matt Miller, Greenlinks Managment

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